The Reasons Behind the Deregulation of Energy in Texas

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Texas is one of a number of states that has become deregulated over the past two decades. Currently, fifteen states, as well as Washington D.C., are now deregulated. What this means, is that instead of a sole company forming a monopoly and raising the costs of energy without any real consequences, the customer has a choice in the process and can choose between a number of energy companies, as energy is no longer regulated by the state government. Retail Electricity Providers would then spring up and create a competition among companies, thus lowering prices for the consumer.

The legislation for Texas brought the bill for deregulation to the board in 1999 and it was passed into law shortly thereafter. Implementation of the law began in 2002; since then, Texas has largely become deregulated, to the point where all but 25 of the state’s energy is now deregulated. One of the many reasons that the state of Texas is among the minority when it comes to deregulated energy is mainly due to the fact that, though the ideas behind deregulation are ambitious, the change has yet to bring about a vast improvement for Texas, let alone many of the other states that have made similar laws. Consumer choice is the main benefit of this move, along with the fact that energy is no longer under government control, but, in Texas and many other states, deregulation has had the adverse effect of raising prices instead of lowering them, as many believed would happen. In fact, the average price for energy in Texas is now well above the national average. These warning signs have pushed the remaining states that have not become deregulated into strengthening their stance against such a move. In the past, there have even been states, California and Nevada among them, that have returned to regulation after initial deregulation.

One has to look at the flip side of these warnings though; Check Here while Texas has taken a risk with deregulation, it is a risk that could potentially pay off if prices lower in the near future and the deregulation change starts working as intended. Another benefit of this venture is that many jobs have been created over the past decade or so, as a result of new energy companies being formed. As energy deregulation is still a relatively young concept, there is still time for the program to turn things around. If that happens, many other states will likely consider this option, as consumers much prefer having a choice over having to pay whatever rate the state deems fair. Despite some negatives, deregulation in Texas is still better than many other deregulated states, as it has not worsened the state economy.


You Already Have Reusable Refrigerator Containers

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Reusable plastic food storage containers are ubiquitous in the modern kitchen. Fortunately, you don’t have to attend a home party or visit a department store to purchase expensive containers for leftovers or the freezer. With the rapid depletion of the world’s oil resources, it is better to reuse the plastic and glass containers you already purchase when you buy groceries.

Many dairy products are sold in plastic bowls. Dip, sour cream and margarine bowls are an ideal size for small quantities of leftovers. Because they are available in a variety of sizes, they are also Read the rest of this entry »


How To Easily Make Your Own Cloth Shopping Bags

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Plastic grocery bags are horrible for the environment from the moment that the manufacturing process begins to the moment that they end up sitting in a landfill. Everyone can make their own shopping bags, regardless of sewing ability.

Pillowcases: Those looking for a no-sew option for their cloth shopping bags can simply cut two holes in the pillowcase to turn it into a fuss-free shopping bag.

Wide-Leg Pants: It is easy to make shopping bags out of used wide-leg pants. Cut the legs off of the pants at the Read the rest of this entry »


Cut The Paper Napkin Habit: Cloth Is Classy

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Cloth napkins are good for the environment. They can also save a lot of money over time versus buying paper napkins. Cloth napkins can look aesthetically appealing and classy as well.

Versatile In Colors And Patterns

Cloth napkins are available in many different colors and patterns.
They can match virtually any decor and tableware. They can be used as the focal point on a dining room table or can be used to complement other pieces. You could also use different color cloth napkins for different place Read the rest of this entry »


Cut The Paper Towel Habit By Using Your Own Rags

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Cut The Paper Towel Habit By Using Your Own Rags

Save The Environment And Save Money Too
The most efficient way to clean the house is to use rags. Paper towels are a major waste of money. In addition, paper towels are wasteful and damage the ecosystem. In this sense, wasting paper products is harmful to the environment. By changing a small-scale habit like using paper towels, you will make a huge impact on the environment. These little steps lead to greater success Read the rest of this entry »


How To Use Solar Lighting Effectively Inside Your Home

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Solar energy is free; there is no cost for the sun’s power. By selecting the right products, you can light your home effectively with the sun’s UV rays. Opening a window is one of the oldest and easiest ways to light a room with the sun. Unfortunately, this also allows heat gain to take place. In the winter, this is desirable; during the summer months it will increase the utility bill.

There are different products available that allow homeowners to use solar energy effectively as an Read the rest of this entry »


Recycle At Home: Ten Things To Reuse Instead Of Trashing

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Reusing items instead of throwing them away can make a positive environmental impact. Keep reading to learn about ten household items that can be reused instead of being trashed.

Clothing: Instead of throwing away old tee shirts, cut them into dish cloths. If the strings bother you, hem the edges.

Glass Jars: Use empty, clean spaghetti sauce jars to create small planters to use in your home.

CD’s: Create unique coasters out of old compact discs. Simply paint the discs, attach sequins, or decorate with small, colorful stones. Read the rest of this entry »

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